Available now in Austin, TX

Get more than $100,000 cash

Stateful helps you build a home in your backyard, and make six figures cash from it.


Get $100,000+ incentive for allowing us to buy and build


Reduce your property taxes
by up to 40%

Curb Appeal

Improve your home aesthetics (free yard/paint touchups & minor repairs)

How It Works

Fast and stress-free process to get the most value from your land

1. Free Evaluation

Our experts evaluate your backyard to determine its value

2. Reserve Price

We make you an offer for buying your backyard

3. Land Preparation

We take care of the entitlement and permitting

4. Free Upgrades

We install a privacy fence and finish your yard

5. Cash Out

Collect the cash once the permit is granted

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my home eligible?
Stateful works wth the city to find out if your home is eligible as per the latest zoning laws for building a new home in the backyard.

We work with selective builders who follow our fast and efficient construction process designed to minimize homeowner disruptions.

The permit process takes anywhere between 4-10 weeks depending on complexity of lot and city’s response time.
You can choose the portion of backyard that you want to sell which defines what gets built there. We take care of homeowner needs like privacy and aesthetics while designing the new house.
It depends on the feasibility of your lot. The secondary unit can be built on 650 – 1000 sq. ft. and the extra yard space can be as little as you desire to sell.
Sure! Just provide your home address to start the qualification process.

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